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Gluten-Free Coaching


Consulting Services* Offered to:

Made by Appointment Only

  1. 1.Individuals or Families

  2. Education around Gluten-Free Foods

  3. Organizing & Labeling Kitchen Products

  4. Menu Planning

  5. Grocery Shopping

  6. Gluten-Free Cooking

  7. 2. Restaurants & Businesses (such as camps, schools, &  

                                                                                      healthcare facilities)

  1. Educating & training staff on gluten-free dining

  2. Assisting in creating gluten-free menu options

  3. Verifying gluten-free ingredients

  4. Creating a safe environment for gluten-free dining by eliminating chance for cross-contamination

  5. Promoting facility as gluten-free friendly

Classes & Lectures:

  1. What it means to be gluten-free

  2. Path to Diagnosis

  3. Gluten-free adventure after diagnosis

  4. How to read labels

  5. Favorite products & tastings

  6. How to make gluten-free food substitutions

Children’s Gluten-Free Support Group

*Note: All consulting services take place in your home, restaurant, school, camp, healthcare facility, or place that best meets your needs. They are made by appointment only.

Children’s Gluten-Free Support Group

Each support group is tailored to its participants.  The groups are designed to support children on their journey through school and home, adapting to a gluten-free lifestyle.

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