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Individuals & Families

Maintaining a gluten-free (“GF”) diet is a life-changing event that can be filled with adventure and yet uncertainty.  Gluten Freedoms is a life-coaching and consulting service dedicated to help empower, educate, and support those who need to or would like to embrace a GF diet in order to create a balanced, healthy, and enjoyable lifestyle.  Gluten Freedoms helps individuals  and families accomplish these goals by providing them with one-on-one consultations tailored to accommodate their dietary needs. 

You will learn how to modify your diet and become at ease with navigate the grocery aisles and creating GF meals.  Most importantly, Gluten Freedoms will prepare you to: embrace your new GF lifestyle, take control of your well-being, gain comfort managing it on your own, while  we create a safe place to share your experiences and fears.  You don’t have to face the challenge alone.  Gluten Freedoms is here to provide the tools that enable you to embrace your new GF life!

With practice and patience, you will learn how to have fun exploring new foods, recipes, and restaurants.  You will develop expertise in understanding your body and helping it heal through better nutrition.  Embracing and implementing a GF lifestyle and diet is no small task; it is a new way of life.  It is not something that can be done overnight; it takes time, and patience with yourself and with others.  Changing your diet comes out of necessity; in order to succeed you will need determination, perseverance, and support.  We’re here to do it with you!

Getting started . . .

Gluten Freedoms will provide an initial free phone consultation.  In advance of your consultation, you will be asked to fill out a survey about your reason(s) for a GF diet, your relevant medical history, daily routines, lifestyle preferences, family responsibilities and anything else that may impact your lifestyle changes that are about to occur.  The survey will help guide the consultation.  At the end of the consultation, together, we will have devised a holistic, personal plan of implementation that may include any of the following services listed below and a time-line of implementation that meets your needs.


  1. educating around gluten-free dining

  2. kitchen labeling

  3. meal planning

  4. grocery shopping

  5. cooking

  6. removing cross-contamination

  7. holiday planning

  8. working with schools

  9. tools for living outside the home gluten-free

  10. seasonal tune-up

  11. other

Packages (in your home or place of preference):

Each package include:

  1. initial phone consultation

  2. restaurant dining card specific to your dining needs

  3. a list of GF and/or GF friendly restaurants in the Philadelphia area

  4. email support for follow-up questions while working together

  5. follow-up phone call

  6. referrals

  7. helping you connect with the GF community

1. The Nitty Gritty – This option gives you the nitty gritty of a GF diet, teaching you how to read labels, which ingredients contain gluten, how to self-advocate, and how to re-organizing your own kitchen in your own home.  In addition, we will help you to educate others.

2. The Selective Shopper – This option helps alleviate any anxiety of coming up with meals and then standing in the super market trying to figure out how to cook them.  Together, we will create your idea menu, then we will navigate the aisles, reading labels and gathering GF food.

3. The Clever Chef – This option sets you up with some recipes specialized just for you and also teaches you how to tinker with existing recipes with which you just can't bear to part.  We will also give you the run-down of GF substitutes and alternatives in the kitchen.  Then together we will cook some meals to (re)gain comfort and ease in your kitchen.

4. Wining & Dining – This option teaches you how to live outside your home GF.  Whether you are trying to choose a “safe” restaurant, appropriately informing a restaurant of your diet (a.k.a. GF etiquette), ordering food and drink safely off the menu, eating at friend’s house, or sending your child to school, we will teach you how to manage this with ease.

5. Off to School – This option will help you navigate a school system and teach you how to work with your child, your child’s teacher, and principal to set up a safe eating environment for your child.

6. Seasonal Tune-Up – This option allow for you to clean out your fridge seasonally and to get new ideas for food.

7. Create Your Own – If the service you need does not exist above, together we will create it.


By the Hour:

  1. $75 in person

  2. $65 over the phone

*Hourly Bundle Deal* - If you buy 10 hours up front, then the hourly rate drops to $60/hr.

By the Package:

  1. $200 for a 2-3 hour workshop

*Package Bundle Deal* - If you buy more than one package, you will receive a 10% discount on     each one!

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