1. Provide education around Celiac Disease and gluten-free lifestyle to staff

  2. Educating & training staff about gluten-free foods

  3. Educating & training staff around procedures for cross-contamination in kitchen & dining area

  4. Provide consultation to staff on how to work with and accommodate gluten-free clients

  5. Provide written cross-contamination safety instructions

  6. Provide gluten-free safety instructions around interactions between server and patron

  7. Provide a gluten-free ingredient list

  8. Provide suggestions for gluten-free vendors

  9. Obtain verification of gluten-free foods & manufacturing practices

  10. Review recipe ingredients & menu items for gluten-free status

  11. Assist with menu adaptation for gluten-free choices

  12. Prepare a gluten-free version on menu - hard copy and digital version

  13. Aid in marketing to the gluten-free community & a national celiac disease organization

  14. Recognition of restaurant as a gluten-free friendly facility on Gluten Freedoms, LLC website

  15. A certificate recognizing restaurant as having gluten-free status

  16. A six-month check up to touch base about menu updates

  17. Available for follow-up questions about ingredients, cross-contamination, and/or anything else pertaining to the gluten-free lifestyle

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